Upcoming Events

Carolina Study Center CalendarCarolina Study Center plans and/provides events for the evangelistic multiplication of Christians and the growth of all participants into and in Christ.

  • Some events are privately sponsored by schools, campus groups, or congregations; for these you need to contact an event’s sponsoring group to secure permission or to register to participate.
  • Some events are publicly oriented and are open to anyone interested, sometimes requiring only attendance or maybe registration to insure sufficient space.
  • Some campus presentations are so informal that the student planners advertise that any interested parties should “meet on the steps of …,” or “meet in the campus coffee shop…,” etc.; from which gathering and assessment of size will determine the final location of the event.

As we develop our web presence on this page, we hope to offer to everyone our tentative plans and our confirmed plans. Any maps, directions, speakers, format, costs, etc. will be noted hereat, as we obtain the information. If in doubt, please contact us at one of the email addresses or phone numbers noted on our home page. We look forward to hearing from you and to meeting you in person very soon.