The Carolina Study Center, Inc. is a faith-based, tax-deductible foundation supported by “The Carpenter’s Club.” This is a group of persons who accept the opportunity and responsibility to pray for this ministry and fund its events. They give on a monthly basis–some $25, some $50, others $100 or more.

Our annual budget goals are $111,000 a year. All gifts are receipted for tax purposes, and funds are overseen by a board of directors.

Checks may be made to the Carolina Study Center, and mailed to P.O. Box 135, Alamance, NC 27201.

Please send an email or a letter to us. Include your name, address, city, state, zip, phone, email address, how you heard of our ministry, and any other information that you deem pertinent to our relationship with you. Inform us of your desired helpfulness. A financial gift would be graciously accepted, and regular support (financial, prayers, “Carpenter’s Club,” etc.) would be the greatest of encouragement in this ministry. A monthly newsletter entitled The Green Letters will be sent to you to keep you informed.

CSC invites YOU to join us in prayer and ministry support as we seek to “Encourage Christ on Every Campus.”