“Not because I need it, but because I owe it to myself!”

For less than half the price of an hour with a marriage counselor, come find out how to have a lasting, fulfilling marriage.

Topics can include:

  • Creating the Soil for a Good Marriage to Grow In
  • What Have I Married?
  • Finding the Love of Your Life
  • Getting the Fight Out of Your Finances!
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Let’s Talk!
  • Incompatibility Is Grounds for a Great Marriage!
  • All a Wedding Should Be
  • Forgiveness: Love’s Toughest Work!
  • The Healing of the Memories
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Bonding
  • And more!…

The length of the conference or retreat, as well as the participants’ needs, determine the subjects to be taught.

This makes an excellent premarital counseling class, as well as a good “tune-up” for longtime married couples.

A workbook is provided. Dates, length and expense are negotiable.

Special attention is given to training the local church in further marriage mentoring